Southern California Edison’s Safety
Creative Direction, Media Services
Safety is No. 1.

Southern California Edison’s (SCE) electric grid has more than 160,000 miles of circuits – enough to circle the earth 76 times and providing power to nearly 14 million people. These wires power daily life safely and reliably, but in the wrong conditions, they can be dangerous.

SCE’s is committed to informing its customers how to stay safe around electricity with SCE's largest campaign each year dedicated to raising awareness of how to stay safe around electricity.

IW Group’s SOW expanded over the course of our relationship with SCE.  IW Group was originally the lead advertising agency for the Asian consumer segment.  After partnering with GP Generate for Total Market media efforts, IW Group became the AOR for media all segments.  Eventually IW Group came to handle Total Market strategy and creative for SCE’s Safety campaign. 

To understand the best way of communicating our “Safety” message, IW Group led research among all major consumer segments within SCE territory (General Market, Hispanic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese).  We found key differences among the segments, but we discovered essential shared themes as well, such as: individuals were generally not concerned about electrical safety unless something goes wrong and a lack of understanding of what to do should one encounter a downed wire.

It’s Simple: Stay Aware. Stay Safe.

Our strategy was to create situational awareness so that people know what to should they encounter a dangerous situation.  Consumers need to know what to look for, be present and embrace their inner Safety Yoda.

To be effective with all our audiences, we determined that our advertising needed to be both in-language, simple, clear and concise.  So we created a simple, straightforward Total Market campaign that capitalized on universal safety imagery.  The creative campaign included ads for TV, OOH, radio, print and digital, as well as a website translated in five languages,

It was called, “Stay Aware. Stay Safe.”

Creative That Enabled a Total Market Approach

Our creative approach of using stick figures saved hundreds of thousands in production costs, as multiple images were no longer required to represent each ethnic group.  As budget is always a concern our savings allowed us produce a complete set of assets for all our key segments.


Positive Results

In the four years our teams have been responsible for the campaign, we have been able to raise awareness levels from 38 percent to a high of 68 percent. The website traffic has more than doubled since, as well.

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