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You might get a sense of it from working with social media influencers or crowdsourcing social media. But Nielsen confirmed it on May 8.

Asian-American women are globe-trekking tastemakers who use digital spaces to influence mainstream consumer trends. 

Nielsen’s latest Asian consumer report, “Asian American Women: Digitally Fluent With an Intercultural Mindset” also found that Asian-American women are consumer leaders for travel, beauty, fresh foods and tech use – always in a state of discovering new content and consumer products as they travel the world, juggle family and pursue professional goals. About 39 percent are entrepreneurs and 46 percent say their goal is to make it to the top of their profession.


Ambicultural and Growing


“Asian-American females are the group to watch,” said Mariko Carpenter, Nielsen’s vice president, Strategic Community Alliances. “For brands, this fastest-growing, young and digitally fluent consumer segment’s ability to influence trends cannot be ignored.”

The findings were released immediately preceding the Asian Business Association’s Women Business Pioneers Symposium in Los Angeles, where U.S. Asian media outlets attended to hear Ms. Carpenter speak about the marketing study, the first of a three-part 2017 Diverse Intelligence Series that will focus on women of color, with Hispanic and African-American installments scheduled to be released later this year.


Savvy Shoppers and Jetsetters

The culturally relevant data compiled in this report is part of Nielsen’s ongoing efforts to provide insights that help marketers understand and serve Asian-American consumers, who are the fastest growing racial group in the U.S., increasing in 47 percent in population growth in the last 10 years.


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