Worldcom PR Group: The World At Your Front Door

September 9, 2020

IW Group is a fully integrated marketing communications and advertising firm with broad experience in the intercultural markets. This year, we celebrate our 30th Anniversary with a diverse team of professionals spanning from Los Angeles to New York and from San Francisco to Dallas. Yet despite our reach here in the U.S., we are often asked by our clients for assistance in other parts of the world. When we first learned of Worldcom PR Group from Mr. Hal Dash, president of Cerrell Associates, we were intrigued.
After a few brief but informative conversations with Worldcom partners, we made a decision to seek membership. Our decision has reshaped our capabilities and knowledge of how to effectively reach consumers and businesses throughout the world.
Here are a few of many examples of how IW Group is now #WorldcomStrong.

  • Shifting World Demographics. When we needed a quick, yet comprehensive view of the racial and ethnic populations of Brazil and Argentina, our Worldcom PR Group partner, PLANIN Comunicação, in São Paulo. The information that was provided was written in English and with precise details that would have taken us weeks to discover on our own.

  • Raising Public Awareness. When a plant disease spread by the Asian citrus psyllid began spreading to California's critical citrus industry, our Worldcom PR Group partner, Nuffer Smith Tucker Public Relations, reached out to IW Group for assistance and support informing the Asian and Pacific Islander agricultural community.

  • Improving Participation. When the world's largest media monitoring and measurement companies sought assistance to improve diverse household participation in the U.S., Worldcom PR Group partner, Cerrell Associates, asked IW Group to join their team.

Spanning six continents, our partnership with Worldcom PR Group provides our clients with coverage in nearly 50 countries and more than 100 cities worldwide. Our partners know their markets, offering a global view with a critically important local touch.

These special partnerships have enhanced our ability to serve our clients in new, creative, and unique ways. Our partnership truly is #WorldcomStrong.