20th Century Fox

Deadpool Karaoke

To create publicity and promote Fox’s ‘Deadpool 2’ in the Asian American market, we created an irreverent and mediagenic, yet culturally relevant ‘Deadpool’ experience tying into the film’s storyline and style. With so many beloved karaoke songs on the soundtrack, ‘Deadpool’ Karaoke with former but infamous “American Idol” contestant, William Hung made perfect sense. 


‘Deadpool’ Karaoke with William Hung was at a popular live-band karaoke venue, in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. The invitation-only event was attended by digital influencers, Hollywood talent and media.

The digital influencers who attended weren’t paid fees to participate and post, they attended because it was fun. Overall, the Asian American effort for ‘Deadpool 2’ generated 119 million impressions in 138 stories and 85 social posts. Almost all news coverage was from U.S. Asian and APA outlets.