Bacon Event

The premise is simple - both bacon and McDonald’s Classics are independently well-loved, but when you bring the two together which is the star? From this question the bacon debate was born. Are McDonald’s Classics the best thing to happen to Bacon? Or is Bacon the best thing to happen to McDonald’s Classics?

The debate was brought to life by global pop-star Amber Liu and her good friend, digital influencer, Mike Bow – both self-proclaimed lovers of bacon. This duo was recruited after celebrating their love for all-things-bacon in a viral parody music video. Approaching Wong Fu Productions to direct and produce was a natural extension, given their long history with the Golden Arches and outspoken brand love in their videos.

In under four days branded social posts on Instagram garnered over 200,000 likes. Influencer videos on YouTube continue to increase conversation on the #TeamBacon vs. TeamClassics debate. And less than a week after launch viewership of the commercial on McDonald’s YouTube channel is nearly double all other markets, which feature A-list celebrities. Even McDonald’s employees have joined the conversation to share that they will now sell these products with pride. Extending brand loyalty in ways that are immeasurable.